Who We Are

Customer Experience Solutions is a consulting and business process outsourcing firm dedicated to designing and delivering great customer experiences for clients. With over 20 years of experience in delivering great customer experiences for clients in industries including IT, Retail, Government and Banking we can help you deliver a great consistent experience to your clients leading to increased retention and new acquisitions.

Why We Do

We believe that providing a great experience to customers is critical for businesses to survive in today’s world where most products and services are being commoditised. Customer experience is becoming a key competitive differentiator and businesses can no longer ignore it.

How We Do

We focus on customer needs and behaviours. Our approach is based on gaining a deep understanding of customer journeys and anticipating customer needs. We work collaboratively with our clients as partners looking to foster long term business relationships. We strongly believe in outcomes and have a high level of integrity.

What We Do

We design and deliver better customer experiences that lead to better customer satisfaction, increased loyalty, retention, increased incremental cross sales, positive brand perception and new customer acquisitions.

Our Testimonial

Insights provided by CXP solutions was an eye opener to somethings we had been oblivious to. It helped us immensely in taking a look at our internal processes and modifying them to alleviate pain for our customers. Kedar has gone beyond the scope of his work with us to provide additional support and expert advice on other areas of customer experience whenever I have reached out to him. A thorough professional. It is a pleasure working with his organization!

We employed the services of Customer Experience Solutions to streamline our internal processes to improve productivity and quality of services being delivered to customers. They did a comprehensive audit of our processes and came up with an improved strategy. They also helped with the execution, including training plan for our frontline staff. I highly recommend their services for companies looking to improve customer experience.

Customer Experience Solutions did an excellent job of streamlining our service strategy from leads to sales and support. They also developed and implemented a digital strategy for us on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. I would highly recommend them to any business looking to improve their service experience and retain customers.

I am very happy with the services provided by Customer Experience Solutions. Kedar and his team did a wonderful job of identifying our customer’s pain points and came up with a strategy to remove the pain points and provide a great experience to our clients. They executed the strategy perfectly by working very closely with our team and achieved the desired outcomes.