Business Process Outsourcing

We are not just a business process outsourcer but a committed partner who will work collaboratively with you at every step to achieve your goals and objectives. We seek to build long term sustainable relationship with you by providing the best experience to your clients.

We believe in providing great experience to every customer on their interaction with businesses in every channel. Excellent customer experience results in happy and satisfied customers who not only stay longer but spend more and recommend strongly to others. Let us use our customer experience excellence in providing the care that your customers demand and deserve. We offer best practice customer care outsourcing services that your company requires to differentiate yourself from the competitors. We can help with inbound/outbound calling, emails, chat, social media to provide the best experience to your customers for their interactions in their preferred channel of choice.

Let us take care of your back-office activities so you can focus your energy and resources on core business objectives. We will leverage our experience in process excellence and turn your pain points in to opportunities at the same time reducing your costs without impacting quality. We offer world class services in functions including

  • Data entry
  • Surveys
  • Market research
  • Payment processing
  • Sales support
  • Appointment setting

Actively collecting, monitoring and acting on customer feedback is critical for companies to improve their service and product experience. Once the feedback is collected it needs to be acted upon by getting back to the customer and resolve the issue or start the resolution process. It is not good enough to stop here, this learning needs to be integrated in to the organisation to continuously improve the customer experience.

CXP Solutions will help you to setup systems and business processes to collect, act and learn from meaningful customer feedback.

To provide great customer experience, resourcing is key. Right number of resources need to be deployed at the right time in the right channel with the right skills. Consistent experience needs to be provided in all channels which means each channel needs to have the right resources. One channel cannot be prioritised over other channels as experience throughout the journey is more important than experience at individual touch points.

We will accurately forecast the demand for you in every channel based on historical trends and other internal and external business information and we will design effective scheduling strategy so that you will have the right number of resources at the right time in the right channel with the right skills.

Once relevant strategic and operational metrics are set, it is critical to measure and monitor these metrics at every level from customer representative to business line. Reporting needs to be insightful, real time, relevant and more importantly should be presented to the right staff member so that it can be acted upon to make a positive impact for the customer. Additionally, reporting also needs to identify trends that could potentially lead to a degradation of service levels or customer experience.

CXP Solutions will leverage our extensive experience in reporting and analytics to provide you the insights you need to make the business decisions needed to achieve your strategic and operational objectives.