Customer Experience Training

Customer Experience (CX) is defined as the sum total of all experiences that a customer has with a business. It includes experiences across all stages of customer life cycle like pre-sales, sales and usage of the product or service and all touch points like phone, branch, chat and social media.

Customers today demand a seamless experience across all stages and touchpoints on every interaction. In other words, businesses need to become customer centric and focus on customer journeys instead of touch points.

We will teach you how to become customer centric and provide great experience to customers so that they are delighted, spend more with you and become your brand advocates.

  • 82% companies recognise customer experience as key competitive differentiator
  • By 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator


  • What does it mean to be customer centric
  • Communicate and drive employee engagement
  • Hiring, training and coaching
  • Empower staff to be customer focused
  • Celebrate customer focus
  • Executive buy-in and sponsorship of CX
  • Link business goals to CX impact
  • Make all business units accountable for CX
  • Cross functional understanding and agreement
  • Design Voice of Customer (VoC) program
  • Other sources of unsolicited/unstructured customer feedback
  • Employee feedback on CX
  • Analyse and consolidate all sources of CX feedback
  • Identify CX gaps and opportunities
  • What are customer journey maps
  • Why the need for customer journey maps
  • Identify customer pain points using journey maps
  • Prioritise CX initiatives based on journey maps
  • Develop desired/future state journey maps
  • Define CX strategy that delivers brand promises
  • Develop CX principles that guide employee behaviours
  • Design CX metrics and develop monitoring and measurement plan
  • Create operational plans that include CX metrics at all levels
  • Communicate CX strategy and drive employee engagement

If you are ready to start your CX transformation and differentiate your business form your competitors, we are here to help you. Let’s talk !!

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