Customer Service Training

Customers today have become more demanding when it comes to the level of service they expect from companies. Today’s customers are more informed with many choices and opportunities and they expect a great experience on every interaction with a business.

They expect companies to know and understand them and provide a customised solution to their specific needs in their preferred channel of communication like chat, email, social media, phone etc.

  • 56% of global consumers say they have higher expectations for customer service now than they had just one year ago
  • 69% of customers switch brands due to real or perceived poor service.

For business to sustain performance, it is imperative they provide staff with regular high-quality customer service training so that staff are well equipped and have all the tools to provide a great experience to customers.


  • Consistent greeting and closing of interaction
  • Listening techniques
  • Maintain a pleasant flow of interaction
  • Engage emotionally with the customer
  • Accountability and ownership
  • Show genuine interest in the customer
  • Be a subject matter expert
  • Continuous learning to master your craft
  • Know the key contacts who can help you
  • Be aware of all available learning tools
  • Structured and pre-scheduled training program
  • Different modes of learning like classroom, e-learning, one-to-one
  • Clear and effective communication strategy
  • Detailed training on product and process updates
  • Make leaders accountable for training
  • Collect customer feedback
  • Resolve issues and update customers
  • Integrate customer feedback in the learning program
  • Analyse feedback and eliminate root causes
  • Collaborate with other business units
  • Empower front line staff to make decisions
  • Gather staff feedback in the design process
  • Eliminate red tape
  • Recognise and reward great customer experiences
  • Develop meaningful knowledge base like articles, FAQs, use cases
  • Make it easily searchable
  • Awareness program on available tools and resource
  • Update knowledge base continuously
  • Appoint knowledge base champions

If you are ready to train your staff so that they can delight your customers on every interaction leading to increased sales and profitability, we are here to help you. Let’s talk !!

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