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Making it easy to do business with

Almost every company knows and believes that it should be easier for customers to do business with them as it is a critical part of delivering great customer experience. It is important that all customer experiences should be in alignment with business strategy and brand values. But most companies make it difficult for their customers […]

Purchasing process should be the easiest

Purchasing process should be the easiest and simplest process within a business. After you have spent all the money on marketing, sales, branding etc, a business should not lose a customer because they have made it difficult for customer to purchase their product or service. Unfortunately, there are a lot of businesses out there who […]

Customer experience and sales

Just doing these 2 simple tasks can increase your lead to sales conversion rates significantly. 1. Super fast response 2. Razor sharp follow up Recently for a client we observed that just by responding immediately to a lead and by following up on the dot, the lead to sales conversion rates increased by 6 percentage […]

Outsourcing and cultural differences

Impact of cultural differences on outsourcing and customer experience After 17 years in Australia, I moved to India and set up my own business providing consulting and outsourcing solutions in customer service/customer experience. I have observed significant variation in customer service and overall experience as a customer in both countries. I started thinking about it […]