Regular training to front-line staff improves customer experience significantly

I have found that one of the most common gaps that prevents front-line staff in providing great customer experience is the absence of a regular and robust training program.

Usually in a contact centre or customer facing department training is provided only when a new product/service is released or significant upgrades are made to existing products or services.

This is especially true in an outsourced environment, obviously due to cost considerations of providing regular training.

The risk with this approach is that bad customer service/experience behaviours are internalised and over time become systemic that shape the culture of the service organisation.

Everyone starts to accept and exhibit these behaviours because that’s how we do things around here.

Make no mistake, customers will also start to experience these behaviours leading to a deterioration in customer experience.

Once it gets to this stage it becomes very expensive and time consuming to change the culture and improve customer experience.

So, it is critical to provide regular training to customer facing staff that focuses on providing a great experience to customers.

The cost of such a training program is insignificant when compared to the cost of bad customer experiences.

Implementation of such a regular and robust training program for one of our recent clients saw customer satisfaction moving from ‘Average’ to ‘Good’ and customer complaints reducing by 2 percentage points in just 3 months.


Kedar Naik is Founder and Chief Customer Officer of Customer Experience Solutions. He has 20 years’ experience in helping companies understand their customers and provide great experiences to drive satisfaction, loyalty, retention and brand advocacy. Kedar also helps companies looking to offshore processes at a fraction of their current costs