Outsourcing and cultural differences

Impact of cultural differences on outsourcing and customer experience

After 17 years in Australia, I moved to India and set up my own business providing consulting and outsourcing solutions in customer service/customer experience.

I have observed significant variation in customer service and overall experience as a customer in both countries. I started thinking about it and the impact it has on outsourcing and customer experience for the end user.

The level of customer service expectation is different in both countries.  The benchmark is higher in Australia than in India in most sectors. Hospitality is an exception where the service benchmark is higher in India than Australia.

What this means is a level of service that is considered OK in India may not be OK in Australia resulting in a bad experience for the customer.

This is critical to understand for businesses who are thinking about offshoring. For outsourcers it is simply not enough to rely on cost arbitrage. Customer experience is a key focus for most businesses these days.

The challenge is to deliver in both areas of cost savings and customer experience. It helps to chose an outsourcing partner who understands this and knows how to deliver in both areas.


Kedar Naik is Founder and Chief Customer Officer of Customer Experience Solutions. He has 20 years’ experience in helping companies understand their customers and provide great experiences to drive satisfaction, loyalty, retention and brand advocacy. Kedar also helps companies looking to offshore processes at a fraction of their current costs

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