Effortless on-boarding is critical to a great customer experience

Onboarding process should be simple and efficient and companies should go to great lengths to make sure it is. As a company, you have done all the hard work in convincing the customer to give you their business, all you must do now is make sure their service/product just works. It is almost shocking to realise how badly some companies mess it up. Here is an example – an Indian telecom provider.

My experience of getting a new mobile phone connection. I went online and submitted a request for someone to call me. Next day I received 5 calls from 5 different people working for the same company and this is the one of the biggest telecom providers. As a customer experience professional, this was shocking to me as there are many issues with this –

1. Inefficiencies/cost – ridiculous wastage of time and money as 5 calls were made from 5 different people to the same customer for the same order. This is not all, then I received subsequent calls from the field staff asking me when they can come and collect the documents. As a business, you have employed/outsourced to people (at least) instead of 1

2. Terrible customer experience – as a customer it was a horrible experience for me. I felt the company did not know what they were doing and they had no respect for my time as I was getting the same calls throughout the day. This was my first experience with them as a customer and it should have been a great one.

3. No onboarding process/structure – it is obvious that no onboarding process exists here, if it does it is the worst onboarding process ever designed. After a sale has been made the onboarding should be simple and involve almost no effort from the customer.

4. No monitoring and measurement – there are no monitoring and measurement/reporting processes involved here. Otherwise a supervisor/manager should have questioned why there were so many calls being made to customers as part of their onboardingI am assuming this is a systemic issue.

5. Treating customer as a number – do not treat your customer as a number to be acquired. In this example, it felt like I was a number that was broadcasted to the whole team to see who can hassle me most and convert into a sale. I decided not to do business with this company and still looking for someone who can provide a good experience.

All businesses have no choice but to provide great experiences to their customers on all their interactions. Especially telecom businesses where there is significantly high churn of customers, it becomes imperative to provide great customer experience as it is the only true differentiator to stand out from competitors. Remember the competition is just one click away from a bad experience.


Kedar Naik is Founder and Chief Customer Officer of Customer Experience Solutions. He has 20 years’ experience in helping companies understand their customers and provide great experiences to drive satisfaction, loyalty, retention and brand advocacy. Kedar also helps companies looking to offshore processes at a fraction of their current costs